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About Biblical Coaching

Biblical Coaching is distinctive in that it is centered on God’s word and is totally guided by a biblical worldview.  It is led by the Holy Spirit to effect change toward a closer relationship with Christ and pursuit of His will, from potential to excellence, within a personal and/or professional framework.

Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4, NKJV)

What to Expect:

The desired coaching experience outcome will be presented by the client. Your John Maxwell Team (JMT) certified Coach, Dr. Wayne Moore, will ask questions to ensure a clear, Christ centered outcome is identified for the biblical coaching experience.

During the sessions, your coach will never present a directive, but will at times ask questions that may lead to ideas for consideration and refinement during and beyond the coaching relationship. Coaching sessions are of 60-minute duration, and three sessions are generally needed to reach the desired outcome. All aspects of your client/coach relationship are confidential.

Depending on the nature of the desired outcome, additional sessions may be required. In situations involving realization of comprehensive dreams and goals, the client may be introduced to our Signature Program, “From Potential to Excellence – Realizing Your Dreams and Goals.” To learn more about this program, click here

First Session:

The first session will include a complimentary 30-minute intake time during which the client’s coaching outcome(s) will be clearly established and any contracts signed.

Communication Tool:

Our preferred communication tool is Zoom for consultation and sessions.  However, FaceTime will be an option. 

Special Offer:

For a 60-minute session, the cost is $95.00, and $228.00 for three 60-minute sessions. Take advantage of these special offers now.

If you have questions prior to signing up for a session, use the "Book Appointment" button below to schedule a 15-minute question time.

If you prefer to schedule your first coaching appointment and make your payment now, use the "Book Appointment" and "Buy Now" buttons below. 

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