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The Key to Your Success​​

We provide Coaching, Leadership Training, and Speaking Engagements on related topics as a part of our consulting offerings.  In life, there are remarkable goals and dreams to accomplish and sustain with excellence.  Even though the road may be bumpy, slippery, or difficult at times, your commitment will result in success.  We're here to support you.  We pride ourselves in being authentic, trustworthy, and professional with all of our clients, and look forward to becoming an important key to your success.  Let's introduce you to our owner and lead consultant, Dr. Wayne Moore. 

Dr. Wayne Moore - Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker 

An innovative servant leader with extensive corporate experience in auditing, accounting, sales management, other leadership roles, and as a Vice President - Director of Internal Communications, and experience in university extension systems that includes serving as an Associate Dean/Associate Director, I have over 25 years of leadership experience.  I am a certified Ken Blanchard SLII® leadership facilitator, and have trained over 140 leaders in this servant leadership model.  I also have a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Learning System Certificate of Completion, am certified with the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®), along with a Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt certificate, and True Colors certification. 


Recalling my first business start-up experience several decades ago, an import/export agency, I was self-taught through an import/export agency start-up training manual.  I sent off my first business letter to a soap company in England seeking to be their agency representative, and they quickly responded in the affirmative.  They were ready to do business with me.  I was absolutely scared, ran away from the brink of success, and now am an advocate for every entrepreneur, every manager, every leader, anyone desiring to bring about change in their lives, to engage with a trusted coach;  a professional who seeks to understand your situation, care about your success, and can be trusted to travel with you on your journey toward success and demonstrating excellence in everything you seek to accomplish.


After retiring from Kansas State University, I established a coaching, training, and speaking consulting practice to help executives and other business leaders, individuals, teams, university administrators, and church leaders realize their life development and organizational goals and dreams through effective life-management skills growth and applications, and compelling servant leadership excellence. My consulting also includes supporting your organization in communication/connecting excellence and organizational change management initiatives.


My wealth of experience in various areas of leadership, including challenges when assuming new roles and working through unexpected situations, all factor into my coaching expertise as I quickly build high levels of trust with clients.  Be sure to take advantage of the various complimentary offers provided, and experience the beginning of your transformational life experience toward success and sustained excellence.


With an educational background including a bachelor's degree in Biblical Counseling, I have a master's in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Consumer Economics & Environmental Design from Texas Tech University along with 39 graduate level credits in a Marriage and Family Therapy program.  I have also worked as a Therapist and Counselor. The title of my master’s thesis is, “Corporate and Family Dynamics in the Relocation Process of Dual Career Couples,” and my dissertation research is titled, “A Social and Economic Impact Analysis of Community Business Development: Leather Finishing in a Small Town.” Use the following link to access my dissertation: 


I completed certification with the Maxwell Team  as a coach/trainer/speaker, fulfilling a desire to become even better equipped to support others in their life, leadership, and organizational development goals.  I look forward to working with you, your team, and other organizational personnel to provide support toward realizing success and sustaining excellence in any endeavor. 


I have a personal relationship with Christ my Savior, and endeavor to serve Him in every area of my life, giving Him Glory and Praise at all times for His grace, mercy, and goodness.

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