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Dr. A.J. Foster

Manager, Lamb Weston

Dr. Moore was my director of extension during my time as a regional agronomist with the University of Missouri. Over the years I have come to know Dr. Moore as a friend, mentor and a professional administrator. Dr. Moore is a servant leader. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest developers of human talent with whom I have ever worked.

Working with Dr. Moore over the years, he is always positive and brings so much energy and enthusiasm. As a leader he inspires others to want to be better, to do more and to be more. And as a man of faith. I can say like everything in life, talent depreciates, intellect fades, strength weakens, but integrity grows and gets stronger.

In the 15 years I have known Dr. Moore, if there is one thing I admire most about him is his integrity. It has been a gift to have a front row seat to watch and learn from him how to celebrate and protect your integrity above all else. He has an uncompromising desire to build and leave a legacy of a Godly reputation.

Donna Krug

District Director, Cottonwood Extension District, Kansas State University 

Dr. Wayne Moore has been my supervisor, mentor and coach the past two years. I remember the first time I met Wayne was at my agent evaluation review with our board chair and Wayne present. He said, "I want to come to one of your presentations, not to evaluate, but rather to be your cheerleader." That was a different approach from any other supervisor I have had, and it made me feel valued. 

As I stepped into a new role as a District Director for the newly formed Cottonwood Extension District, Wayne continued to be my cheerleader. There were many challenges as I worked to bring our team members together and build a "Cottonwood Culture." Wayne was a listening ear every step of the way. I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership workshop earlier this year that was led by Dr. Moore. From setting SMART goals to reviewing the leadership styles and developmental levels, Wayne provided our group with the tools to improve our leadership skills.

I know Wayne will do great things in the years ahead as he continues to mentor and coach others he comes in contact with. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work and learn from Wayne the past two years.

Clint Bain

District Director, Golden Prairie Extension District, Kansas State University

I was blessed to have been immediately supervised by Dr. Wayne Moore. Although “supervisor” or “superior” or “boss” were the operative descriptions of his position relative to mine, the reality of our relationship was one of mentor (Wayne) and mentee (me).

As a District Director in Kansas’s Extension System, I started my position with what most people would consider challenges and obstacles to begin a career. Wayne immediately framed these challenges and sensitive scenarios as opportunities for me to learn and navigate difficult situations, which proves to be invaluable wisdom that I continue to incorporate.

Dr. Moore offered me many different leadership tools. First and foremost, he trained me and other District Directors in Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II. That course was an amazing experience that gave me the vocabulary and attitudes to garner buy-in from my team and ensure that our goals were SMART as well as aligned to our team and the communities that our Extension System serve.

Dr. Moore consistently modeled and led by example in the disciplines of active listening, practical support and follow-through, and strategic planning and execution. He taught me to never shy away from critical conversations that would solidify trust and help build agreement between two parties.

Wayne is a man of faith, integrity, and loyalty. I treasured him as a colleague and I continue to cherish him as a friend and mentor. I have full support and confidence in him as a leader, consultant, and mentor for others who also have the opportunity to work with such a man who guides his business with his intelligence, experience, and humility. 

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