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Our Three Training Segments

1. Building Leadership Excellence Through Effective              Connecting:

In this segment, we utilize a John Maxwell Team Training, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect,” presented by a John Maxwell Team certified Trainer, Coach, and Speaker.  You will:

  • understand how the principle of connecting increases your influence in every situation.
  • immediately be able to apply tools learned so you may effectively connect with people.

(Duration = 40 minutes) 

2. Building Leadership Excellence Through Servant                Leadership:

In this segment, we identify 17 Servant Leadership characteristics that reinforce connecting with your team members and what this looks like to create excellence in your leadership approach with team members and/or direct reports. You will:

  • recognize how the servant leadership model differs from some other leadership styles.
  •  understand 17 key servant leadership practices and how to apply them.

(Duration = 40 minutes) 

3. Building Leadership Excellence Through Leading                Virtually:

This segment identifies best practices and embraces practical and proven connecting and servant leadership skills to enhance virtual relationships between leaders and direct reports and/or

team members.  You will:

  • become aware of best practices from colleagues.
  • know how to implement best practices.
  • learn how to resolve Leading Virtually Challenges.
  • adopt new tools to further enhance team members' engagement and morale.

(Duration = 40 minutes) 

Session Duration: 2 hours

Location: Online Tuition

Instructor Led

Material: Participant’s Hand-book

Every participant will receive a handbook for use during the presentation. The hand-book will also include templates for use up to 12 months, with guidelines for mastering competencies learned during the presentation. Certificate of Participation will be awarded for completion of the training.

This presentation will be delivered by a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with Moore Integrity Consulting. This presentation may also be customized to fit your specific needs. We are determined to be the Key to your success.

A discounted Signature Program titled, “From Potential to Excellence – Realizing Your Dreams and Goals,” including a complimentary 1-hr Session 1 training and conversation, will also be offered to those completing this training. Click on the following link for details:

To discuss your personal and/or organization's leadership training needs, and for additional details and arrangements regarding our Building Leadership Excellence training, use the below Book Appointment button to schedule a 1-hour complimentary visit, or call 806-470-5228 to schedule an appointment.

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