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Signature Program Offer​

Welcome to Our "From Potential to Excellence" Signature Program

Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Maybe you'd like to go after a dream or a goal, but still have some unanswered questions? Or, it's possible that you're sure the Lord has something special for you in your life, but just can't quite put your finger on it.

Are you having a difficult time on the job, and dread each day of work?  Or, it's likely that with COVID-19 continuing, even if with a distant end in view, many of your dreams and goals you planned are still on hold and will need to be altered.  Whether it's a painful experience you'd like to change, or you would love to create a new life experience for yourself and others, but you're not yet clear about what you'd like to do, let us come alongside to give support as you identify, clarify,  create, and work toward realizing your dreams and goals.  We'll work with you, helping you to identify your areas of strength along the way.

Our Signature Program has been developed to serve you with professional and trusted support thereby ensuring you have a positive, memorable, and satisfying experience as you work toward realizing your dreams and/or goals.  You will receive personalized assistance from your first complimentary 1-hour conversation that includes the Session-one training, and throughout your time with us. Your 1-hour complimentary Session-one Training experience is valued at $227.  This is my commitment to you to ensure you have adequate interaction to determine your fit for this program.


If you haven't yet scheduled your complimentary Session-one Training and conversation appointment, do so by clicking on the "Book Appointment" scheduling tool immediately below, and complete the requested information.  Be sure to leave your email address so I may send you the Session-one notebook material for your review before your appointment. 

Special Pricing

Your special offer is $1,797, or $165 per month for 12 months The full value of this program is $5,165.  Your overall saving is $3,368.  Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

For additional program details, click on the 7-Session Outline button below before viewing the Program Segments paragraphs.

Program Segments

Seven Training Sessions:  

These sessions build on each other as we cover the three areas of Unstoppable Mindset, Sound Planning, and Confident Execution.

Seven Follow up Coaching Sessions:  

These sessions are held after each training session with enough time for you to complete the assignment after each training.  However, to ensure you're absolutely ready for the next training session, during the coaching session, you will share any questions, your coach will also present you with questions to lead you into a full review of your assignment experience.  If any adjustments are needed, you'll be able to follow through before moving to your next session.  


Seven Coaching Sessions:

Your seven coaching sessions begin after you've completed all of the training and follow-up coaching exercises.  This is when you've already completed the  Confident Execution training and are now directly working on realizing your dream or goal.  

The purpose of these coaching sessions is to provide you with direct support, accountability, and encouragement while helping you to dig deeper as needed to ensure you're on tract to realizing your goal or dream.

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